ENCUENTROUSKCR: Workshop with Richard Alomar

Last saturday I was so lucky to be able to assist a workshop given by Richard Alomar during the "Encuentro internacional de Urban Sketchers". The idea behind his workshop was to walk the streets with open eyes and create memories using our sketchbook.

So we started our little walk, stopping every now and then, watching our surroundings and writing notes into our sketchbooks. Then we did the same little walk again, picking up those same notes and sketching something fitting, thus creating a little sketched story of our path.

It was the right workshop at the right time for me! 

Lately I have been putting me under a lot of pressure to produce a perfect little piece of art at every outing, resulting in not wanting to sketch any motive that was not promising and always searching for something better. Richard however said right from the beginning, it was NOT about the outcome, instead it was about creating memories. Boy, was that liberating.

I think I will try and stick to this idea for some time, it makes sketching fun again.

Thank you Richard!

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