Sketchmeetings Part 3

The last meeting I wanted to write about, was a trip with only Crclapiz and me.
Actually we made quite a lot of trips in the past years: Orosi, Cartago, Poas, Heredia, Alajuela, La Garita to mention only a few, and I never got around to write about them, but this trip turned out to be a special one: it was actually the last trip we did together before Julia left the country!
Luckily we did not know that then...

Every time I leave the big city behind me, my mood begins to rise, enjoying the beautiful views of the countryside, the crooked little sodas by the roadside, the country people doing their everyday work, but most of all the glorious nature of Costa Rica.
We picked a very fine day, it was sunny and hot and the drive to Sarchi was a beautiful as it can be.
When we arrived we felt, we needed breakfast before diving into sketching, so we stopped in a little soda for a 'Gallo Pinto con huevo'. Of course one of us couldn't wait and started sketching right away.

After that we drove up and down the road searching for a motive, but it was not as easy as we thought it would be: Sarchí is a nice enough little town, but there is not an obvious choice of motive as there is in other villages. Also we had this other common problem: or the motive was good, but there was no place to stop or there was place to stop, but the motive was not great. And then Crclapiz did what she does best: she saw our motive for the day AND there was a spot to park the car! I really don't know how she does it, she sees something sketchable everywhere - and the moment she mentions it, I can see it, too. Something in the way we see our surroundings, I guess...
Here are the two resulting sketches. This time we really sketched the exact same thing! Mine looks a little blueish, but that's the fault of my camera.

 Half way into the sketch, the AC of our car went a little weak and the sun began to cook me through the window, so I was really happy when we could finally leave this spot.
There was some time left, so we decided to have a look at one of the ox cart factories for which Sarchí is actually famous. And we found a nice shady spot in one of their Ateliers and were allowed to sketch the place and the workers. We were even offered fresh fruit, what a nice experience!

Well, that was it! Now my sketchbuddy, which opened the world of (urban) sketching for me, is exploring a different part of the world and I am very curious how her sketches will evolve through this change of place!
See you soon, Crclapiz, and always 


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