Sketch Meetings Part 1

There have been several events in the past seven months, but I never came around to write something about them. Until now. I made it. Finally!
First there was a visit in November 2015 from Sue Heston, fellow urbansketcher from Seattle, USA, who dedicated us one of her precious holiday days for a sketch outing.
We picked her up at her hotel and walked a little through the beautiful neighbourhood of Barrio Amon until finally settling in front of 'Casa Amarilla': funny enough none of us sketched the obvious target!
Crclapiz sketched the 'Instituto Nacional de Seguros', Sue sketched the sidewalk next to it and I tried to capture the little pavillion opposite the ministery. Hm, really interesting....

We had a deleightful lunch in 'La Criollita' before continuing our way to the Mercado Central where we had a coffeesketch at 'El Tostador'. Again from our sketches imposible to tell that we set right next to each other.

All in all, we had a wonderful day.
Please, sketchers from all over the world, if you are in Costa Rica and have some hours to spare, just let us know, so we can show you our little world here!


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