Gracias a todos por venir!
Centro: Por primera vez vino nuestra "sketcher" mas joven: la hija de William, 3 meses.

Today, we were very lucky with the weather: lots of sun and heat despite the rainy season. 
About 15 sketchers were spread out in the area plus a couple of photographers who took pictures for school assignments. 

With view of the plaza and buildings along Avenida Segunda.

Talking to camera man and photographers. 

View onto the tower and old walls of the National Museum.

View onto tower of museum.

One sketcher drawing "DGusto" restaurant.

Drawing the plaza.

Great sketches!

Trying out the new "Urban Sketchers Costa Rica" stamp.

I said "lucky with the weather", because the moment after we had said our good-byes it started to rain. 
This is us trapped in a souvenir shop alley.


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